Ex-Pres Yameen summoned by pres commission on deaths, disappearances

Former President of the Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom is being summoned by the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances regarding the disappearance of journalist, Ahmed Rilwan.

President Yameens lead counsel, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed told AVAS that Yameen was asked on Sunday to summon himself to the commission. Jameel said a political agenda is being carried out against Yameen. The former president is currently serving a five-year sentence on money laundering convictions, and several other charges have been raised against him.

'The current government intends to cause injustice to President Yameen in different ways,' said Jameel.

Jameel said the presidential commission established by the government has failed its mandate, and that the public is aware of the fact despite attempts to mask the failure.

'All of a sudden, the DDCom is active. While the commission has failed, and the public has begun to ask questions, they are quick to wield President Yameen as a shield,' said Jameel.

DDCOM was formed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on the first day of his presidency in an effort to carry out the State’s responsibilities in ensuring justice for all, by conducting independent investigations for unresolved cases as per his presidential pledge. However, the commission has not been able to make significant progress in carrying out its mandate. This in turn has resulted in heavy criticism being aimed at the president and the commissions.