Social distancing no longer required during congregational prayers

The Islamic Ministry has said social distancing measures will no longer be in effect during congregational prayers.

The Islamic Ministry suspended congregational pryers in Male' City mosques in February and added recitation of Qunut al-Nazila, which is read to beseech Allah for mercy and benevolence in times of extreme distress or calamity, to the dawn prayers when the COVID-19 situation in the Maldives deteriorated. Although the performance of congregational prayers was later resumed, social distancing measures remained in place during the prayers.

The ministry Friday said worshippers will not be required to keep a 3 ft distance between them during the prayer congregation effective from dawn prayers of Saturday. The 'Qunut-al-Nazila', will no longer be recited at the dawn prayers, the ministry added.

The Islamic MInistry lifted social distancing measures at congregational prayers as the COVID-19 situation in capital Male' has improved significantly.