HPA introduces Digital Vaccine Passport

The Health Protection Agency of Maldives (HPA) has introduced COVID Digital Vaccine Passport.

The passport was introduced under the name, COVID Safe. The digital passport is expected to provide eases in traveling from one location to the other. The newly established portal at will provide information on a person's condition in relation to COVID-19 and will be the official digital vaccine passport used by the Health Ministry.

HPA said information will be collected for the digital portal via HPA's Out Break System and will include information such as PCR test results and quarantine details. Information on vaccination that is published on the COVID Dhifaau Vaccine portal will be merged with the digital passport portal and will link national ID cards and passport profiles for each individual. Information on the portal can be shared with third parties using QR codes, and the user can decide the duration for which the information will be available to other parties.

The digital passport can be used as an official document to access premises where precautionary measures are in place and can be used for domestic and international travel. However, if a specific document is required when traveling under special circumstances, such documents will be provided by HPA.