Maldives still on UK's Red list due to pending test

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said the Maldives remains on the UK's travel Red list due to a pending test.

When asked why the Maldives remains on UK's red list, HPA's Director-General Thasleema Usman said the Maldives is yet to complete a Genomic Sequencing Test, which is a requirement to move up from the red list. If the test result shows a positivity rate of 5, the Maldives can move up to the amber list. The Maldives is now in the process of completing the test.

While the Maldives is on the UK's Red list, the archipelago has been removed from Abu Dhabi's Green List. Thasleema did not give a reason for why the Maldives was removed from the list. However, AVAS has learnt that the Maldives was removed from the list as a large number of people from countries that are not on the Green List are quarantining in the Maldives.