0.08 percent rise in inflation rate in August

Inflation rate rose by 0.08 percent in August, official statistics have shown.

The most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by National Bureau of Statistics show the inflation rate was at 0.08 percent in August. The rate was at 2.80 percent in July.

Not considering changes to price of goods, the inflation rate was 2.99 percent in July and 0.12 percent in August.

The change in price of goods were as follows:

Vegetables: + 5.31
Fruits: +5.47
Rent: +0.23
Oil and fats: +2.48
Milk, cheese and eggs: +0.25
Mobile phone communication service: -0.93
Fish: -1.60
Information and communication service: -1.60
Meat: -1.65
Other food: -1.00