MIRA collects MVR 160 mln in fines

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has collected MVR 160 million as fines this year.

According to statistics publicized by the Finance Ministry, the state collected MVR 162.2 million in fines by end of September.

Last year, the state collected MVR 102.9 million in fines, and it was projected that MVR 43.9 million will be collected this year. Although the amount collected was included in MIRA's statistics for June, its details were not included.

Statistics show a large revenue is generated for the state via different fines applied on government services. However, citizens have complaints over the strict imposition of fines under certain circumstances, especially fines imposed on parking violations. While Male' City does not have adequate parking space for vehicles, imposing fees for parking violations without solving the issue is unfair, the people believe.

The statistics show the state received MVR 14.6 million as grants and revenue by end of September. The government expects to receive MVR 21 billion in grants and revenue this year.