Civil Court decision on Jian's case appealed at High Court

The Civil Court order for W Construction Company to pay MVR 4.2 million to the family of Rawshan Jian as compensation has been appealed at the High Court by two parties.

8-year-old Rawshan Jian died on December 17, 2019 after succumbing to her injuries while battling for her life in intensive care at state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Her family filed a case at the Civil Court, seeking MVR 17.4 million as compensation from the renowned construction company. The Civil Court ordered on August 31 for the construction company to pay MVR 4.2 million to Jian's family as compensation within two months.

The Civil Court order has been appealed at the upper court both by W Construction Pvt Ltd and Rawshan Jian's family. W Construction Pvt. Ltd. does not believe the Civil Court is fair, while Rawshan's family are unhappy with the amount decided by the court. Public Interest Law Centre (PILC), which represents Rawshans family, has previously said they do not believe the court's decision is correct.

The state prosecuted Managing Director of W Construction, Adam Shafeeq, Site Supervisor Moosa Hassan and four foreign workers who were working on the site at the time of the incident. The Criminal Court in 2019 convicted all but Adam Shafeeq. Two foreigners, Rajjaav Ali and Muthumani Ramachandhuran were sentenced to jail for six years and three years, two months and ten days respectively while the rest received a fine. Supervisor Moosa received a fine of MVR 115,200 while the employees who were involved in loading the cement bags to the winch sling, Kesharilal Chauhan and Gulam Mahamad were each fined MVR 7,200.