Funds earmarked for six projects linking islands via causeways

Funds have been earmarked for six projects linking islands via causeways. in the proposed budget for 2022.

The projects will be carried out in Baa, Meemu, Thaa and Laamu atoll. The islands being linked via causeways are B. Goidhoo and Gehendhoo, M. Muli and Naalaafushi, Th. Veymandoo and Kinbidhoo, L. Kalaidhoo and Dhanbidhoo, L. Kunahandhoo and Mendhoo. and L. Hithadhoo and Mendhoo.

While MVR 200,000 has been allocated for the pre-tendering process of the Goidhoo-Fehendhoo causeway, a million each has been designated for the remaining causeway projects. An additional MVR 450,000 has been allocated for survey work to build a bridge between Ga. Villingili and Ga. Kooddoo.

Linking Villingili and Kooddoo via a bridge, and some islands via causeways were presidential pledges of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer last Sunday presented a MVR 36.9 billion budget for 2022. The budget forecasts a revenue of MVR 24.3 billion and an expenditure of MVR 34 billion. The proposed budget has a deficit of MVR 9.7 billion. Presenting the budget, the minister said over 90 percent of all presidential pledges have been budgeted, out of which 671 have reached completion. The practical work on a further 497 projects are ongoing, he said.