Male' Prison over capacity by 33 percent

Male' Prison has more inmates than its capacity, the Commissioner of Prisons, Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu has said.

The commissioner said the prison holds 33 percent more inmates than its capacity. He disclosed the information after visiting the prison last Tuesday and meeting with inmates.

The commissioner said inmates shared their issues and concerns with him during the visit. The main worry is the lack of availability of proper medical care, the commissioner noted. He also noted that overcrowding in prison led to other challenges in providing adequate services.

Fulhu said the issues could be resolved if the court process of inmates is expedited. He had previously made the same request to authorities.

Following a visit to the prison, the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) also noted that the prison population was more than its capacity. The commission's report had also stated that while a large population of those at the jail have health issues, it took a long time to arrange specialist consultations for ill inmates. It also noted that many people were detained pending the outcome of their trial, and such cases were prolonged by years.

Those detained until the end of trial and those serving sentences are held at Male' Prison. Inmates from Himmafushi and Maafushi Jail brought to the capital for medical treatment are also temporarily held at the jail.