Debate on proposed budget commences at the Parliament

The Parliament has commenced the debate on the proposed national budget for 2022.

Beginning Monday's Parliament sitting, Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla said the budget debate will continue until Wednesday. The debate will be carried out both during the day as well as at night.

Each member will have 15 minutes to speak on the proposed budget. After the budget report is completed, each member will have an additional 7 minutes to debate on the report, Eva said. The Finance Minister, Ibrahim Ameer, will get 45 minutes to respond to the parliamentarians' inquiries throughout the debate.

The budget will be reviewed by a joint committee comprising the Parliament's Economic Committee and Public Finance Committee members. The budget report will be due on November 18. The debate on the committee report is scheduled for November 22.

The state has proposed a budget of MVR 36. billion for the upcoming year. An expenditure of MVR 34 billion has been estimated, including MVR 24.8 as recurrent expenditure. The state hopes to receive MVR 15.4 billion as tax revenue and MVR 6 billion as non-tax revenue. The state expects to receive an additional MVR 2.9 billion as grants.