Wages to double for 60 percent of resort employees

The monthly wages of 60 percent of resort employees will double with the introduction of minimum wage, the Economic Minister has said.

Speaking at a ceremony held Monday to announce the minimum wage set by the government, Minister Fayyaz Ismail said the introduction of the minimum wage would benefit over 54,000 employees, including 13,000 employees working in the tourism sector. This is equivalent to 50 percent of employees across the Maldives.

Acknowledging significant differences in pay across resorts, the minister said the pay in resorts is not harmonized across companies. While the average salary of resort employees is between MVR 4,000 and 5,000, the minimum pay would increase to MVR 12,000 with the introduction of minimum wage, Fayyaz said.

'The pay will almost double for over 60 percent of resort employees,' the minister said.

While the government announced the minimum wages for the public and private sector on Monday, it set the minimum wage for large businesses at MVR 8,000 per month.