High Court overturns lower court order to transfer minor to home arrest

The High Court has overturned the Juvenile Court order to transfer a minor arrested in relation to the murder of a 17-year-old boy to home arrest.

The High Court order said the minor is facing serious criminal charges and that both the state and the defense agree his participation in the gang fight that killed 17-year-old Ahmed Udhayyu was extremely violent. As releasing such a juvenile back into society is a danger to society, he must therefore be detained at a remand jail, the order said.

The Juvenile Court earlier in November ordered the minor to be transferred to home arrest. The decision was made in light of the Human Rights Commission deeming his place of detention as unfit to detain children.

Ahmed Udhayyu was stabbed to death in Ga. Maamendhoo on February 8 in a physical altercation that took place between two gangs. Some sources who spoke from Maamendhoo said the altercations that led to Udhayyu's death are believed to be drug-related. Three people above the age of 18 - Ahmed Shameem, Sharaf Rasheed, Mohamed Mazin- and the minor were arrested following his death. The police sought charges against the four from the Prosecutor General's Office on March 8. The Prosecutor General's Office forwarded charges against the four individuals to the Criminal Court and the Juvenile Court on March 22. The boy, who was a minor at the time of the murder, has now turned 18. The state has raised against him, murder charges and the use of sharp objects and violence, causing grievous bodily harm.