Boom in fishing industry, over 500 tonnes weighed in a day

The Maldives' fishing industry is flourishing, with the state-owned fish company, MIFCO, purchasing 400 to 500 tonnes of fish every day.

MIFCO's General Manager of Operations, Mohamed Zahir, told AVAS that positive changes to the company's purchase capacity have contributed to the large amounts of fish being purchased by the company. He said approximately 400 to 500 tonnes of fish are purchased by the company every day.

'Fishing is booming in Huvadhu atoll. Overall, it is flourishing across the Maldives,' he said.

In its history, MIFCO weighed the largest quantity of fish this year. Over 54,000 metric tonnes of fish have been weighed by MIFCO thus far this year, while the number was at 49,392 last year.

If the current trends remain the same, Zahir said an additional 3,000 tonnes of fish would be purchased during the remainder of the year.

'MIFCO is purchasing fish at its full capacity. Our Jazeera Reefer boat has commenced purchasing fish at the Felivaru harbor. The 100-tonne boat we recently procured will begin purchasing fish this coming Wednesday. This will further strengthen our capacity,' he said.