Nurse's death: Husband and his lover charged with murder

Two people have been charged in relation to the death of IGMH nurse Mary Grace.

The Filipino nurse's death was reported to the police as suicide by her husband, Marvin, who also worked as a nurse at IGMH. The police started investigating the nurse's death on October 19 after flagging suspicions related to her death. Marvin was arrested the following day and remains in custody. On December 16, the police arrested Marvin's lover and co-worker, Haleemath Lamha.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor General's Office forwarded the case to the Criminal Court. 30-year-old Marvin was charged with murder with intent, and he faces a minimum of 10-years in jail if found guilty. He is believed to have murdered his wife between 12:00 pm and 12:49 pm on October 19, 2021, in their residential home in Male' City, Ma. Udhuheykokaage, 1st floor. As per the charges sheet, Marvin killed his wife by attacking her head and neck and strangling her to death.

The state has raised three charges against 24-year-old Lamha. They are being an accomplice to murder with intent, taking unauthorized control over someone else's belonging, and not obtaining authorization when required.

The charges sheet states that Mary's death was premeditated and that Lamha was involved in planning the murder. She also aided Marvin in carrying out the murder. If she is convicted of the charges, she will receive a minimum of six years in prison.

When Lamha's residence was searched under a court order on October 27, the police found injections which are reserved for hospital use hidden inside an envelope. The injections cannot be taken out of the hospital without authorization, and Lamha did not obtain the required clearance to take the injections out of the hospital. Lamha will receive up to two months and 12 days in jail for the offense. While other drugs used in hospital settings were also found in Lamha's room, this offense carries an additional 2.5 months in prison.

Mary Grace's body was sent to India to conduct a post mortem, which ruled out suicide as a cause of death. The police said it is more likely that she was hit with an object or received an extensive injury at the hands of another person.