Canareef Resort reopens after two years

Canareef Resort in Addu City has reopened after two years.

Speaking to AVAS, the resort's Sales Manager Saif Zareer said the resort opened with 145 rooms, 140 of which have already been booked. The resort is working to bring all 271 rooms in the resort to operation before the end of the first quarter of the year.

Saif said the resort's reopening is a remarkable success. Although rooms are not available at this time, the resort is receiving several inquiries, he said, noting that the demand is highest from Europe.

Acknowledging the government's cooperation in reopening the resort, Said said the Tourism Ministry, Economic Ministry, and other entities provided support. He said that although employment approval is usually received within 14 days, the approvals were issued within one day when all the required documents were submitted to the relevant ministry. He further noted that the Tourism Ministry expedited the issuance of the required permits and said that the resort had the opportunity to carry out discussions with Gan Airport well in advance.

A Singaporean company purchased Herethere Resort in Addu City in 2014. While Canareef has been developed at the 4.5-kilometer long island, the resort was closed in June 2020 due to financial troubles. The company was forced to let go over 200 employees, which caused losses to Addu's economy.