MVR 380 mln spent in first two weeks of 2022

The state has spent MVR 380.6 million from the budget for the year, within the first 13 days of 2022.

According to official statistics released by the Finance Ministry, out of the MVR 34.1 billion allocated for expenditure from the MVR 37 billion budget, MVR 247.2 million was incurred as recurrent expenditure in the first two weeks of the year. This includes MVR 3.2 million for salary and wages, MVR 244 million as administrative expenses, MVR 45.8 million for land and building, and MVR 54.2 million for development projects and investment outlook.

A further MVR 133.4 million was spent as capital expenditure.

The Planning Ministry incurred the most significant expenditure, spending MVR 43 million in two weeks. The Education Ministry incurred MVR 7.5 million as expenditure, while the Maldives National Defence Force used MVR 5.6 million, and the Ministry of Health spent MVR 1.6 million. Hospitals incurred a further two million, and MVR 1.5 million by Maldives Police Service.

As per the statistics, the state received MVR 330.4 million as revenue during this period. This includes MVR 213.9 million received as tax and MVR 115.9 million as non-tax revenue.