Application for student loan to open next week

The government will open applications for student loans next Monday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said.

In his Presidential Address at the start of the first session of Parliament for the year on Thursday, President Solih said student loans were issued to over 1,500 students last year. The president said that applications for loans this year may be submitted from Monday, February 7 onwards.

''In 2021, we issued student loans to over 1,500 students who wished to study abroad. We prioritized those who did not have the financial capacity to fund themselves and those with special needs. This year, we will open 720 slots under the student loan scheme, and applications will open on Monday," the president said.

Providing details on the government's free education scheme for degree students, President Solih said the program's outcome is fruitful. He said the government provided free tuition to over 12,730 college and university students. Out of these, 2,127 students have already completed their degrees, he added.

"By the end of 2023, over 5,000 students will complete their education under the free education program and serve the nation. Every year after that, 2,000 students will graduate and serve the nation. We are now putting a stop to the 'business' of higher education. We are enabling any student who has the determination to get tuition-free degree education. We have achieved this," he said.

The president further said the government had undertaken efforts to build skilled local professionals from different sectors. In this regard, he noted that loans have been issued to 124 students who are pursuing the medical field. He said that professional capacity-building programs will also kick off later this month to train 1,150 professionals in the IT and accounting field.