Ex-Pres says ruling party has no support

Former President of the Maldives and opposition leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has said the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) no longer has the public's support. Yameen made the statement while speaking at a rally held in Kurendhoo island to celebrate a PPM candidate being elected as Kurendhoo Council President.

In his speech, the former present criticized MDP and the current government at length. Yameen said MDP was able to gain a supermajority in the 2019 Parliamentary Election as PPM gave up several seats to Jumhooree Party (JP). PPM gave up the seats to Jumhooree Party due to their trust in JP and, as the party had several resources, said Yameen. However, he no longer sees sincerity and truthfulness in JP, he said.

The former President said MDP would not receive majority votes in a fair election and that the party does not have enough supporters.

'What occurred to me is that if we had not given up the seats to Jumhooree Party and instead put forth our own [PPM] candidates, they would not have been able to attain supermajority. Even today, I will say if a fair and just election is held, MDP will not be able to attain a landslide victory. They are not that capable. Even though India backs them, they are not able to do enough. There is no support for them in the Maldives,' Yameen said.

The opposition leader also criticized President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and MDP's leader Mohamed Nasheed. He said both leaders are similar in nature and could not be trusted.

Adding that MDP leaders always speak of leasing lagoons and islands ahead of elections, Yameen said the people must be aware that that was not the reality. He called on PPM supporters to stay steadfast in their stance in politics.