Minister summoned to Parliament in administrative error

Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed was summoned to the Parliament for questioning on Monday. He was asked to present himself to the Parliament due to an administrative error by the Parliament Secretariat.

Dr. Hussain was summoned to respond to Dhidhdhoo MP Abdulla Waheed's inquiry regarding plans to establish an ice plant in Dhidhdhoo. Although the MP had requested to receive the information in writing, the Parliament Secretariat mistakenly sent a notice to the Minister to present himself at the Parliament to respond to the inquiry.

The Minister presented himself to the Parlament as per the notice and answered questions asked by the Dhidhdhoo MP and other MPs. The error made by the Parliament Secretariat was brought to attention by Maradhoo MP Ibrahim Shareef after the Minister had answered several questions.

MP Ibrahim Shareef said while MP Abdulla Waheed had requested to receive information via writing as per Article 80 of the Parliament Act, he wished to know why the Minister was summoned to Monday's sitting.

Speaker Mohamed Nasheed then clarified the matter from the Parliament Secretariat and said the Minister was summoned to the Parliament in error.

'What has happened here today did not occur as it should have. Thank you, respected Minister. Please accept our apologies,' said Nasheed.

The Parliament then concluded the questioning session. Only a few minutes remained from the 20-minutes allocated for questioning the minister, and over 10 MPs had asked him questions by then.

A cabinet minister is granted 14 days to respond to any inquiries by MPs.