JSC to seek dismissal of two HC judges at Parliament

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) will be seeking the dismissal of High Court Judges Abdulla Hameed and Abdul Rauf Ibrahim at the Parliament.

JSC Wednesday said the commission reviewed a disciplinary complaint filed at the commission regarding two High Court judges that purchased flats issued to judges at special rates in violation of Article 152 of the Constitution and, in return, ruled in a certain way in an ongoing case. JSC's investigation into the matter found that the flats were issued to the judges by the government as special incentives and that the Parliament was not involved in any stage of the process.

While the Parliament has a policy to provide housing for judges, JSC said flats were issued to specific High Court judges with significant financial eases, outside of the government's policies in issuing flats.

As the two judges had accepted the flats, which were clearly issued against the Constitution, their act is also against the Constitution, said JSC. Judges must carry their conduct such that the public does not question whether they adhere to Article 3.2 of the Judges Code of Conduct, which states that Judges must be truthful, honest, and trustworthy, said JSC.

Therefore, in their sitting held Wednesday, the commission concluded to propose the dismissal of Judges Abdul Rauf Ibrahim and Abdulla Hameed to the Parliament.

While JSC seeks to dismiss judges, High Court Judge Ahmed Sameer recently resigned from the court. He is also among the judges who accepted flats.