Transparency Maldives conducts social audit on COVID-19 vaccine

Transparency Maldives is conducting a social audit on COVID-19 vaccine procurement and distribution.

According to Transparency Maldives, the audit will collect information on how many vaccines were procured and tally the number of vaccines donated by other countries, organizations, and private parties. The audit will also check how many vaccines were sent to vaccine centers across the Maldives.

The audit will also look into why some are reluctant to get their jabs and record the experiences of those who got the vaccine. The vaccination rates of priority groups, the government, and their partners will also be reviewed.

The audit is expected to reach completion in June.

Transparency Maldives said collecting and publishing data about vaccination would tell how successfully the government facilitated equitable access to vaccines. It would also help to more effectively target, draw attention to and support vaccination efforts aimed at the most vulnerable, anti-corruption NGO said.

The Maldives began vaccinating its people against COVID-19 on February 1, 2021. According to the Health Protection Agency (HPA) statistics, 398,597 people have received the first dose of the vaccine, while 383,980 people have received the second dose. One hundred fifty-nine thousand eight people have received a booster dose.