Gov't announces TRL ferry prices

The government has announced the ticket prices for the inter atoll ferries operated under the national ferry network, Raajje Transport Link (TRL).

The government will begin charging fares for ferry travel from Saturday after providing ferry services free of cost since May this year. Ferry operator Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has arranged for tickets to be booked and paid for through the portal in the RTL application.

As per the fares announced on Friday night, the most expensive fare is charged to travel to Makunudhoo island, which lies isolated from the rest of the atoll. While a one-way ticket costs MVR 100 to travel to Makunudhoo from any island within the ferry system, a return ticket costs MVR 200.

The cheapest fares are for travel between:

- Hanimaadhoo and Nolhivaranfaru
- Finey and Hirimaradhoo
- Kurinbee and Hirimaradhoo
- Nellaidhoo and Hirimaradhoo
- Nolhivaram and Hirimaradhoo
- Kulhudhuffushi and Kumundhoo
- Nolhivaram and Kulhudhuffushi
- Neykurendhoo and Kulhudhuffushi
- Nellaidhoo and Kurinbee
- Nellaidhoo and Naavaidhoo
- Vaikaradhoo and Neykurendhoo
- Kumundhoo and Neykurendhoo
- Nolhivaram and Nolhivaranfaru

The fare for one-way travel between these routes is MVR 35, and MVR 65 is charged for a round trip.

MTCC has been contracted to implement the national ferry system throughout the country. Currently, 14 islands in Haa Hdaalhu atoll are connected by five routes.

MTCC's fleet for the integrated ferry system has high-speed ferries with a capacity of 50 passengers and is comfortable for passengers. The ferries have mobile phone charging facilities, toilets, and luggage space.