India to sell 520 tonnes of sugar under special permit

The government of India has announced that it would sell 520 tonnes of sugar to the Maldives under a special permit.

India's Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution announced the decision on Tuesday. The decision comes while India has restricted sugar exports since last month after exporting a record amount of sugar.

The Ministry said that although the government put a cap on sugar exports, 520 tonnes of sugar will be sold to the Maldives under a Maldives-India agreement. The Ministry said the sugar would be released to the state-owned STO within 90 days.

The quota on imports of essential goods from India has now been extended for three years. Previously, the quota had to be renewed annually. While staple food is imported to the Maldives from India, these items are available without exhaustion due to the opportunities provided by the Government of India.