Tourism in Addu a top priority: Tourism Minister

One of the top priorities of the Tourism Ministry is to promote tourism in southernmost Addu City, the Ministry has said.

Responding to a question asked by Maradhoo MP Ibrahim 'Mavota' Shareef during Tuesday's Parliament session, Tourism Minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom said it is essential to speak regarding the plans for Addu tourism when talking about tourism.

"When I talk about this, people will say, 'Mausoom is talking; why talk about this if nothing is happening'. We have to accept that tourism is a business. When we strengthen tourism, we have to enhance services everywhere,' Mausoom said.

The Minister said he was aware that people were being sent to Shangri-La Resort in Addu to undertake repair and renovation work.

"When we last spoke, we received information that workers were being sent to repair the resort. But the people being sent there are their own people, and Maldivians have not had the opportunity to do the work thus far,' the Minister said.

While the Minister was giving his answer, he was interrupted by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, who asked regarding Shangri-La's stakes.

Replying to this question, Minister Mausoom said that Parliament is amending the Tourism Act to release Shangri-La's shares.

"If the shares are not transferred, losses similar to what a minority shareholder would suffer, a company would suffer, would be caused," Mausoom said.