Current gov't does not have MDP-like features: Dept. Speaker

The current government does not possess MDP-like features and does not run according to MDP ideologies, Parliament's Deputy Speaker, MP Eva Abdulla, has said.

Eva made the statement while speaking during Thursday's Parliament debate on the bill on changing the composition of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Heavily criticizing the government, Eva said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was elected as President as the result of efforts led by the Maldivian Democratic Party. However, she said the party's role in the administration is minor.

"Sometimes, I feel this is Adhaalath Party's government at sunrise, an MRM government by sunset," she said, criticizing the parties in the ruling coalition.

The MDP's role in the government is small because the administration is run as a coalition government formed through a presidential system, said the Galolhu North MP. She added that she does not believe that the current system of government, the presidential system, could provide good governance. Therefore, the country's government system should be changed to a parliamentary system through amendments to the Constitution, she said, stating that MDP would always advocate for a parliamentary system.

"There is a government, and there is a coalition. But I cannot say that the MDP is very satisfied with this coalition. President Nasheed is the President of the party with the largest stake in the ruling coalition. It is no secret that he is unhappy with the party's role in the government," Eva explained.

The MP further described this as the best time for the MDP to use its current majority in Parliament to change the system of government to a parliamentary system. She also hinted that there was no time to delay working on changing the government system.

Eva added that civilized countries with parliamentary systems have less corruption and more prosperity.

Although MDP members support their leader Nasheed's call to change the government system in the Maldives, some members of the MDP Parliamentary Group are against the idea. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that changing the system of government is not a priority at the moment.