STO to start charging for plastic and paper bags

STO People's Choice has decided to charge for plastic and paper bags from shoppers.

As a measure to protect the environment, a charge will be taken for plastic and paper bags from July 17 onwards.

STO People's Choice said shoppers must make a habit of bringing an environmentally friendly bag to reduce the use of plastic bags. A tweet posted by the supermarket instructed to bring their own tote bags.

The supermarket will be charging MVR 2.5 for plastic bags and MVR 2 for paper bags.

The government has already tabled a bill in Parliament to levy an MVR two' bag tax' on every plastic bag sold or supplied to customers by shops. The bill, titled Waste Management Bill, was moved by Komandoo MP Mohamed Rashid.

Last April, STO launched a special campaign in collaboration with Dhiraagu and MACCS to promote the use of cloth bags and reduce the number of disposable plastic bags.