'Will continue to prioritize safety of passengers and crew': IAS

Island Aviation Services Limited (IAS) has always prioritized the safety and security of passengers and crew on its flights, the company has said.

IAS released a statement defending the company amid heavy criticism being directed at the company over the actions of some pilots of a seaplane operated by the IAS-operated national airline, Maldivian.

IAS came under fire when a video of a seaplane pilot allegedly smoking in the cockpit of an aircraft, and a video of the one engine of an aircraft being turning off while flying was posted on social media.

In response to the criticism, IAS said the safety and security of passengers and crew on board Maldivian aircraft will always be the company’s top priority. The company said it is operating in accordance with the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority.

IAS also assured that in the case of any threat to the safety and security of passengers and crew, the company would investigate the matter and take all necessary measures to ensure their safety.

"We would like to take this opportunity to note that such matters are also being closely monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Maldives," the statement read.