'Must be allowed equal opportunity to compete': Nasheed

President of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has hinted that he would not withdraw the resolution on the parliamentary system despite President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's request to do so.

Nasheed has submitted a resolution to MDP's upcoming Congress, seeking constitutional amendments to transition to a parliamentary system of governance. Following the move, President Solih made it known that he did not support such a transition and requested Nasheed to withdraw the resolution.

During a discussion on the parliamentary system held at MDP Haruge on Wednesday night, Nasheed spoke in terms that hinted that he would not oblige to the President's request. He said he was asking for an equal opportunity to decide on changing the government system and a fair chance to compete.

Nasheed said he is not deceitful and that everyone should contest properly. He added that he was ready to compete without anger or jealousy and would accept defeat if he lost.