Platform will be refloated within two days: AFCONS

India's AFCONS Company has said the bridge construction platform that ran aground on Villimale' reef would be refloated within two days.

The platform used by AFCONS for the construction of the Maldives' second overwater bridge ran aground the Villimale' reef on August 16. While a week has passed since the incident, the platform still remains grounded on the reef. Environmental organizations have expressed concern over the delay in refloating the platform and noted that significant damage could be caused to the island reef as a result of the delays.

A statement released by AFCONS said the platform ran aground with 11 people on board due to bad weather. The company said efforts to refloat the platform were underway and that resources have now been mobilized, including tugs, barges, and cranes. The platform is expected to be refloated before Thursday, and the work will be carried out in such a way that it causes minimal damage to the reef, the company assured.

An emergency motion was moved in Parliament on Monday stating that the platform used for the construction of the Thilamale Bridge had not been removed from the reef. The motion was moved by Villimale MP Ahmed Usham.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is assessing the damage caused to the reef by the platform.