First Lady inaugurates the Maldives’ branch of ABWCI

The Association of Business Women in Commerce and Industry (ABWCI) has officially inaugurated its Maldives branch.

ABWCI is an integrated platform working to economically empower women in business.

The inauguration ceremony of the ABWCI Maldives branch was held at the Social Center on Saturday afternoon. The new branch was inaugurated by First Lady Fazna Ahmed.

ABWCI is a platform that virtually acts as the international women’s chamber of commerce. ABWCI members include the most prominent women entrepreneurs, women's organizations, educational institutions, and investment companies specifically for women.

ABWCI aims to identify future women’s needs in entrepreneurship, respond to the challenges faced by entrepreneurial women, and provide assistance to women active in the global economy to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

After the ceremony, Madam Fazna inspected some of the works of the handicraft exhibition held at the Social Centre.