School teacher remanded in custody pending outcome of trial

A teacher arrested for showing explicit videos to a school student has been ordered to remain in custody pending the outcome of trial.

The teacher, who worked at Ghaazee School in Hulhumale', was arrested on the night of August 23 after a group of people stopped him near the Hiyaa flats in Hulhumale' and beat him up. Those who beat him up had stripped him off his clothes and posted the video on social media platforms, claiming that the man had behaved inappropriately with a student.

The teacher was initially remanded in custody for five days. Upon expiry of the remand, he was produced before the court to decide on an extension of the remand, and the court ordered for him to be held in custody until the end of his trial, the police said.

The teacher was suspended by the Ministry of Education on August 17 due to allegations against him. However, he was mobbed by a group that claimed that no authorities had taken any action against him. One of the assailants, a 35-year-old local man, has now been arrested.