Two students complete pilot training at MAA

Two students have completed the pilot training run by the Maldives Aviation Academy (MAA).

MMA said in a Facebook post that two students of the academy, Ajmal Fareed and Raaya Rasheed, completed the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) integrated course.

The Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) had been running a flight school at Gan International Airport for the past 12 years until its operation came to a halt after the government decided against renewing the school's contract due to various issues. After that, some of the academy's existing students joined MAA to complete their courses when it opened in December last year. The MAA academy is a joint venture between the Island Aviation Service (IAS) and the Maldives National University (MNU), run by the Czech Republic's Flight Academy, the most prominent flight school in Europe.

The first batch of the Flying School's refresher program offered opportunities to 35 students. When the flight school started, priority was given to students whose training had been interrupted for various reasons. In addition to training pilots, other aviation training will also be conducted at the school.

The refresher program consisted of 150 hours of theory class and 10 hours of flying. Theory classes were held Monday through Thursday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The theory sections were conducted at the MNU campus in Addu City. The flying component was conducted at Gan International Airport.