Dhaandhoo Chief Magistrate resigns from post

Dhaandhoo Magistrate Court's Chief Magistrate Luayyu Ibrahim has resigned from his post. His resignation comes following the Judicial Service Commission's (JSC) decision to remove him from his post.

On Tuesday, JSC announced its decision to seek Luayyu's dismissal from his post after the commission's investigations found him guilty of sexually assaulting a Dhaandhoo Court employee. While 22 cases regarding Luayyu were filed at the JSC, it was found that there was no violation of the Code of Conduct for Judges in 20 of the cases. However, the remaining two cases were found to have proved misconduct.

The second charge proven against Luayyu was that he was involved in the business during court hours and other times while judges are prohibited from doing business for financial gain. The JSC said the commission's investigation also proved that Luayyu attempted to influence the witnesses in the case.

The JSC Wednesday said Luayyu had submitted his resignation while the JSC had moved his resignation at the Parliament. JSC also said the commission had received a complaint alleging that the magistrate was working for hire during the day.