Operation Heyhan: Nearly 200 prisoners seen by specialist doctors

Maldives Correctional Service has said 192 prisoners have been seen by specialist doctors in the first week of the special operation launched to provide specialist consultations for inmates.

Operation Heyhan was launched on October 29, under which specialist medical consultations will be facilitated for inmates under Maldives Correctional Services' custody. The operation will run for three weeks. Corrections previously said that "Operation Heyhan" is an operation in which top corrections officials are directly involved in taking prisoners to hospitals or healthcare facilities for treatments that cannot be provided in prison.

The Correctional Service said most prisoners were seen by ophthalmologists in the first week. In this regard, 105 prisoners were seen by eye doctors. Fourteen prisoners were seen by orthopedic doctors while ten prisoners were seen by cardiologists. Prisoners were also seen by dermatologists, ENT doctors, surgeons, and kidney specialists.

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu told AVAS earlier that the operation was aimed at identifying difficulties in escorting prisoners and detainees, identifying problems in health care for prisoners, and making necessary changes in a systematic manner.