MIFCO disburses nearly MVR 1 bln to fishers

State fish company, MIFCO, has disbursed nearly MVR 1 billion to fishers this year.

MIFCO's Chief Executive Officer Ismail Fauzy tweeted on the occasion of Fishermen's Day that the company had processed 59,317 metric tonnes of fish thus far this year. Fauzy said MVR 966.2 million was paid as payment for the fish.

The amount of fish processed by MIFCO increased by 17,027 metric tonnes compared to 2018, and fishers' income increased by MVR 153 million.

Sending Fishermen's Day greetings to all the fishers of the Maldives, Fauzy acknowledged and thanked the hardworking employees of MIFCO. A digital application for fish processing would be launched during the official activities of Fishermen's Day, he said.

MIFCO recently obtained a vessel with a cold storage capacity of 100 tonnes of fish per day and a storage capacity of 300 tonnes of fish per day. MIFCO has also brought in a 2,400-tonne vessel "Jazeera Reefer" to export fish.