MDP hands over presidential ticket to Pres Solih

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has officially handed over its presidential ticket to the winner of the party's presidential primary, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In the January 28 MDP presidential primary, President Solih received 61 percent -- 24,572 votes of votes against his contender, MDP President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's 39 percent -- 15,631 votes.

MDP's Chairperson, Fayyaz Ismail, handed over the ticket to the President at a rally held at the Male' City Carnival area on Friday night. Nasheed and his loyalists boycotted the event.

After winning the primary, President Solih called on all party members to put aside differences and work together to win this year's presidential election. He reiterated the call at Friday's ceremony. He also expressed confidence that he would be able to win the presidential election with more ease than with which he won the MDP primary.