MMPRC asked to recover MVR 38 mln lost to corruption

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has ordered the Maldives Marketing Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) to recover MVR 37.9 million from a person involved in MMPRC graft.

The ACC said MMPRC had been notified on February 14 to recover the funds received by an individual named Abdulla Asim in the corruption scandal. According to ACC, he received MVR 37.9 million (US$ 2.4 million) due to the state from the lease of islands and lagoons for tourism purposes.

The ACC did not disclose any further details of the case.

Abdulla Asim is former MMPRC Managing Director Abdulla Ziyath's uncle. Asim was arrested in 2016 in connection with the MMPRC scam.

The now-dissolved Asset Recovery Commission named 114 people in its report as recipients of the MMPRC corruption funds. These include former and current members of parliament, former and current government officials, judges, and senior officials of the security services. The commission later said that not all the people on the list were involved in the fraud after public outrage following the publication of the list.

The Asset Recovery Commission was dissolved after the government found the MMPRC scandal was not being properly investigated and no money was recovered from the state.