Three projects completed under BML Community Fund

The national bank, Bank of Maldives (BML), has announced the successful completion of projects in Dh. Hulhudheli, L. Mundoo, and L. Fonadhoo as part of its Community Fund, which focuses on empowering NGOs to contribute to society through sustainable community projects.

Under the Community Fund, a fish filleting platform was established in Dh. Hulhudheli, which will be utilized by the fishermen and the residents of the island. The project was initiated by the Hulhudheli Island Society & Sports Association.

In L. Mundoo, a waiting area at the harbour was developed, equipped with huts and wooden benches to provide shade and a resting area for residents and travelers. The project was conducted by Mundoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya.

In addition, four classrooms in L. Atoll Education Centre, Fonadhoo were digitized under this project which was initiated by local NGO, Women Enhancement.

The BML Community Fund is a program to empower NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. Since the introduction of the Community Fund, BML has financially supported 80 projects across the country.