Tourist arrivals increase by 18.8 percent

The number of tourists visiting the Maldives thus far this year has increased by 18.8 percent.

According to the Tourism Ministry, 621,093 tourists visited the Maldives as of the 18th of this month. This is an increase of 18.8 percent compared to 523,004 tourists during the same period last year.

According to statistics, 172,499 tourists arrived in the Maldives in January this year. While 177,915 tourists visited in February, 173,514 tourists arrived in March. The figures show 97,165 tourists arrived in the Maldives between April 1 to 18.

According to the Tourism Ministry, an average of 5,398 tourists visit the Maldives every day so far this month.

Top 10 countries in tourism

Russia - 74,913 tourists
India - 65,929 tourists
UK - 60,870 tourists
Italy - 52,448 tourists
Germany - 47,171 tourists
United States - 26,025 tourists
France - 24,689 tourists
Switzerland - 15,920 tourists
South Korea - 10,883 tourists

There are currently 1,231 tourism facilities in operation in the Maldives. These include 170 resorts, 895 guesthouses, 153 safari vessels, and 13 hotels. A total of 60,514 tourist beds are available at these facilities.