STO brings commissioned vessel to supply jet fuel

The State Trading Organization (STO) has brought a special barge to carry jet fuel. The barge was unveiled to the press at L. Funadhoo on Sunday.

The main function of the barge, named "Lagana", will be to supply jet A-1 fuel to Noonu Maafaru International Airport.

The barge, commissioned and built with the consultancy of HansaConsult Projects, is a 200 cubic meter vessel equipped with modern measuring equipment. The barge meets fuel quality requirements and has aviation industry standard filters in accordance with quality assurance codes.

According to STO, the barge crew has been provided with field training in aviation fuel handling and provided relevant operation manuals and documentation.

STO has established a quality assurance system to trace Jet A-1 oil from when it is at the refinery to its destination flight per the industry's best practice. Oil samples will be taken from each transfer point and tested at STO's laboratory in Male'.