STELCO introduces new rooftop solar project "Avikatha"

STELCO, the State Electric Company of Maldives, is introducing a new program called the Avikatha program that provides an opportunity for homeowners to rent out their rooftops to install solar panel systems.

As part of this program, STELCO will pay MVR 180.60 per month for each kilowatt of solar power installed on the roof, in addition to covering the costs of installation and maintenance of the systems.

The program is open to houses in Male' City and the atolls that have a roof with a minimum of 100 sqft of vacant space and can withstand a weight capacity of 150 kg. The location should also be sunny and easily accessible for the installation of solar panels and associated equipment. Homeowners interested in participating in this program are encouraged to contact Stelco.

The Avikatha program is aligned with STELCO's objective of achieving the government's net-zero goal by reducing fuel costs and promoting the use of renewable energy sources.