EC informs Parliament of 13 MPs' departure from MDP

The Election Commission (EC) has informed the Parliament Secretariat that 13 MPs of the main-ruling MDPs are no longer party members.

At today's Parliament sitting, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed announced that EC had informed the Parliament that Henveiru Central MP Ali Azim had been expelled from the MDP and 12 other MPs had left the party.

Nasheed explained that, as per parliamentary rules, the 12 MPs who left the MDP need to officially inform the Parliament of their departure. The Parliament's party register will be updated accordingly once the notification is received.d.

The 12 MPs who resigned from the MDP yesterday are associated with Nasheed's dissenting faction known as 'Fikuregge Dhirun.' They have expressed their intention to form a new political party and contest the upcoming presidential election.

Members of Parliament who left the MDP are:
Ibrahim Rashid (Bonde)
Mohamed Rasheed (Boadhigu)
Ahmed Zahir (Gadhdhoo)
Mohamed Waheed (Wadde)
Hassan Lateef
Eva Abdulla
Ilyas Labeeb
Imthiyaz Fahmy
Yasir Abdul Latheef
Hassan Afeef
Hussain Firshan
Hassan Shiyan

Additionally, MDP Deputy President Mohamed Shifaz and former STO MD Hussain Amr have also resigned from the party.