Suspect escapes Dhaandhoo Police custody

A suspect has escaped from the custody of the Gaafu Alifu Dhaandhoo Police Station. This is the second such incident this month.

Police said the suspect was arrested early last night in connection with a drug case. The police became aware of his escape when they checked on him at 12:57 am to transport him to Gaafu Alif Villingili. While the police are actively searching for the man, he has not been found yet.

A Dhaandhoo councilor who requested anonymity told AVAS that the man who is on the run from the police is a 48-year-old man.

"If my information is not wrong, this is the second time this man has escaped from the police station. Dhaandhoo is the second most populous island in the atoll, but there are only two policemen on this island," the councilor said.

Earlier on May 5, another detainee fled from Rasdhoo Police Station but was apprehended on the 6th after an extensive police operation.