Gov't increases disability allowance, introduces new benefits

The government has increased the monthly allowance for individuals with disabilities from MVR 2,000 to MVR 3,000.

Speaking at a press conference held at the President's Office, Azzam Wajeeh, the Managing Director of Aasandha, unveiled the details of this change, which will be effective starting this month.

Alongside the increased monthly allowance, three additional benefits will be introduced to further support individuals with disabilities. They are the Carer Allowance, Self Care Allowance, and an additional allowance given to households with more than three individuals with disabilities.

The Carer Allowance, designed for those who care for individuals unable to live independently due to disabilities or requiring assistance from others, will be MVR 2,000 per month. The Self Care Allowance of MVR 1,000 will be available for individuals with disabilities who require additional resources to meet basic needs and acquire necessary consumables. Moreover, households with more than three individuals with disabilities will be paid an additional MVR 1,000.

The newly introduced supplementary benefits will be paid to people with disabilities under the age of 65. Azzam also mentioned that the increased allowance would enable approximately 15 percent of people with disabilities to receive a monthly sum of MVR 6,000.

At the press conference, the President’s Office spokesperson, Miuvan Mohamed, said the changes to the disability allowance would be funded from the state budget.