Nasheed expresses confidence in Ilyas' victory in presidential election

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has expressed his confidence that his party, The Democrats' presidential candidate, Ilyas Labeeb, will win the upcoming presidential election.

Nasheed's remarks came after a large majority of the party's ordinary members supported Ilyas in the party's presidential primary held Friday.

Taking to Twitter to share his elation over the primary results, Nasheed warmly congratulated Ilyas and declared his firm belief that Ilyas Labeeb will, with the grace of God, emerge victorious in the September 2023 presidential election.

"Ilyas Labeeb, who has secured the Democrats' presidential ticket, will, God willing, win the September 2023 presidential election. Congratulations," Nasheed said.

The Democrats' vision for the upcoming election includes promoting younger leadership, and Nasheed has subtly suggested that President Ibrahim Solih's age might be a factor in his ability to lead the country effectively. He has encouraged the current president to consider making way for a young and dynamic leader like Ilyas to take the reins of the nation.