Adhaalath Party and MDA invite JP to back Pres Solih

Adhaalath Party and Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) have extended an invitation to the Jumhooree Party (JP) to back President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for the upcoming presidential election.

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) formed a coalition with Adhaalath, JP, and the Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) for the 2018 presidential election. Although this coalition has been maintained into the current five-year term, JP and MRM decided against backing President Solih for re-election and have instead fielded their own candidates. While Adhaalath continues to rally behind MDP, MDA has also newly aligned itself with MDP to form a coalition for President Solih's re-election.

Addressing supporters at an HDh. Makunudhoo campaign rally on Sunday, MDA's leader, Ahmed Siyam, responded to claims made by JP leader Qasim Ibrahim during a recent campaign event on Siyam's birth island, N. Lholhi. Qasim alleged that Siyam while appearing to support President Solih, has been secretly instructing his supporters to vote for Qasim using a "secret code." Siyam refuted these claims and reaffirmed his commitment to working with President Solih for the next five years.

"I am not a two-faced person. I am with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih,” he stated emphatically.

Commenting on Qasim's presidential bid, Siyam described the move as a waste of funds and encouraged Qasim to join the MDP-MDA-Adhaalath coalition. He stated that he would welcome Qasim with open arms.

“I urge Qasim, to come and join us, my friend. You will be better off if you join [the new coalition],” he said.

Adhaalath Party's President, Sheikh Imran Abdulla, echoed Siyam's sentiments, urging Qasim to join the coalition and asserting that no other candidate in the election could measure up to President Solih.

"I agree with Siyam. I am telling our brother Qasim Ibrahim that there are still six days [remaining until the election]. Join us," he said.