Former First Lady urges public to vote for Dr. Muizzu

Former First Lady Madam Fathimath Ibrahim (Fathun) has made a heartfelt plea to the public to cast their votes in favor of PPM-PNC candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Madam Fathun's appeal centers around securing the release of her incarcerated husband, former President Abdulla Yameen. He is currently serving an 11-year sentence on charges of money laundering and bribery, which the opposition asserts as unjust and claims his innocence.

In a video message released on Thursday, Madam Fathun emphasized that Saturday's vote is about ensuring justice and security for President Yameen. She said he is currently imprisoned due to his dedication to the country and its people.

“Yameen has always worked for the sake of the people and the country,” she said.

Madam Fathun also acknowledged and expressed gratitude to those advocating for President Yameen's release since his arrest.