Democrats confirm cooperation with no-confidence motion against Nasheed

The Democrats have said they will cooperate with the no-confidence motion against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) initiated a no-confidence motion against Nasheed on October 9, with 49 MDP MPs backing the motion. However, multiple sessions intended for hearing the motion were canceled due to Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla's absence due to illness, leading to legal action by the MDP to expedite the proceedings. In a constitutional case, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of MDP on Thursday to address the no-confidence motion against Nasheed.

According to the Supreme Court ruling, the parliament Secretariat had misinterpreted Parliament rules by insisting only the deputy speaker could preside over the no-confidence motion against the Speaker. The court stressed that rules should not lead to parliamentary deadlock, aligning with MDP's argument.

Addressing another MDP request to rule that no other work could be carried out in Parliament without deciding on the no-confidence motion, the court clarified that crucial matters, including the swearing-in of the president-elect, state budget presentation, and ministerial approvals, could proceed even during an ongoing no-confidence motion against the speaker.

The Democrats is the minority party of the Parliament. In addition to Nasheed, Depty-Speaker Eva Abdulla and Viliffushi MP Hassan Afeef, who usually preside over the parliament in their absence, both belong to The Democrats.

Asked by AVAS if the Democrats would cooperate in moving the no-confidence motion against Nasheed with the Supreme Court verdict, the Democrats' Parliamentary Group leader and minority Leader Ali Azim expressed their readiness to cooperate with the no-confidence motion if it adheres to constitutional and parliamentary rules. Azim stated that the party never declined to move the no-confidence motion against President Nasheed and would continue cooperation if proceedings aligned with parliamentary rules.

The first session for the no-confidence motion against President Nasheed is scheduled for Sunday, with Speaker Nasheed expected to return from the UAE today. While The Democrats confirmed Nasheed's arrival, attendance at Sunday's session was not guaranteed by the party.