China emerges as leading tourism market for Maldives

China has emerged as the largest tourism market for Maldives tourism.

As of January 30, China was the third largest source market, with Russia as the leading market, followed by Italy. According to the Tourism Ministry, China has now overtaken Russia for the top spot with 23,972 tourists.

Top 10 countries in tourism

China - 23,972 tourists
Russia - 21,989 tourists
Italy - 21,321 tourists
United Kingdom - 18,078 tourists
India - 16,536 tourists
Germany - 12,842 tourists
France - 7,624 tourists
United States - 7,452 tourists
Poland - 6,063 tourists
Switzerland - 4,211 tourists

The number of tourists visiting the Maldives this year has increased by 13.3 percent over the same period last year. By February 3, 214,470 tourists arrived in the Maldives, of which Chinese tourists accounted for 11.2 percent. A total of 189,332 tourists during te same period last year.

China has risen to the top spot in Maldives' tourism market while President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu recently requested the Chinese government for increased efforts to boost arrivals from China.