Flats to be allocated to tourism workers from next housing project

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said that he will fulfill his pledge to provide housing to tourism workers, starting with the next housing project to kick off.

Speaking at "The President's Answer" series, an initiative by the President's Office to directly address public queries on social media, President Muizzu affirmed that the Cabinet has already taken decisions in this regard.

"The Cabinet has already decided to implement a dedicated housing scheme for individuals working in the tourism sector, alongside other housing initiatives," Muizzu said.

President Muizzu said the relevant framework for the initiative has already been approved. He said he would seek input from tourism sector associations and sector workers in determining the eligibility criteria and point awarding guidelines.

The president disclosed that while housing projects are being implemented in various areas, a certain percentage of the projects will be allocated for tourism.

"This means that it is not only the housing units in the Male'-Hulhumale area that will be allocated for tourism workers. Housing projects will be implemented in different parts of the country. It is our policy to provide flats or housing units to the youth working in the resorts from that same area,” he said.